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Lady Blu Diamond Consultants was founded in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Our GIA Diamond Professionals are here to provide a most reliable source of the world’s finest diamonds for Wedding, Bridal and Engagement purchases.  Do you need diamond grading or appraisal services for your business or individual needs? Have you ever thought about building your diamond investment portfolio? Lady Blu is your trusted source for all of these services.  

By their very nature purchases of a loose diamonds or diamond jewelry are a very personal decision. The Lady Blu Loose Diamond Search allows us to work with you, making a personal connection with each of you as  our valued customers.

Lady Blu knows this could be one of the most precious purchases of fine diamonds you will make for that special person in your life. Lady Blu Diamond Search for Loose Diamonds gives you access to the most precious diamonds at a great price.

Let Lady Blu Diamond Broker be your window to the world of wholesale loose polished diamonds today.

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GIA Diamond Professionals

Find out how much your diamonds are worth by contacting Lady Blu Diamond Consultants. Michael Dutton is an alumnus of the prestigious Graduate Diamonds Program at the GIA and an Advanced Accredited Jewelry Professional.

Michael uses the latest equipment and techniques to grade diamonds for jewelry stores and individuals nationwide. He can also help buyers and sellers distinguish between natural, synthetic, and simulant diamonds.

Advanced Accredited Jewelry

Gemological Institute of America (GIA™) Diamond Grader

Gemological Institute of America (GIA™) Diamond Graduate

Should we be teaching you the Four “Cs”?
Should you try to understand what represents a quality diamond?

The answer to these questions is “Well, not really”.

At Lady Blu Diamond Consultants we believe that it is our job to provide you with the highest quality professionals in the diamond industry who have spent years in diamond education. That’s our job, not yours.

Most websites spend pages and pages providing the reader with charts and graphs so you can learn what is important about a diamond. When you read these pages, confusion and frustration are likely.

 Unfortunately learning the Diamond trade and knowledge of Diamonds take much more than reading a few pages or in some cases several, which only confuse the reader.

At Lady Blu Diamond Consultants  we have  you work with our Certified GIA Diamond Professionals who did that work for you. We utilize the very best, up to date equipment and techniques approved by the GIA in order to grade diamonds up to the highest quality standards in the industry.

Our customers come to build a long-term relationship with us as we buy, sell, invest, grade and broker transactions on their behalf. We will be happy to be your trusted advisors.


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