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If you are looking to obtain diamonds, the first “to do” is to locate a Diamond Broker. Lady Blu Diamond Consultants is your answer.

Lady Blu will provide you with diamond broker services and act as your representative in your diamond transaction. Our broker will locate and purchase diamonds to your specifications and be sure we locate high quality and high-value gems.

Our job is to search sources such as private sales, auctions, wholesalers and even diamond cutters.

Our broker services bring you the advantages of purchasing your diamonds at a lower cost than the purchases can be made in the retail marketplace. Where your diamond broker services may bring your pricing up by 20{84b7016ff17de83820c0bba97b357aedb42e317d56f1620a33a5fc88f6d590a2} of wholesale, you will eliminate the up to 200{84b7016ff17de83820c0bba97b357aedb42e317d56f1620a33a5fc88f6d590a2} retail markup you would otherwise experience for your purchase.

Our broker services provide you a GIA Certified Diamond Professional to ensure you will have a higher quality evaluation of the diamond than you would receive in a retail environment. A GIA Certified Professional will ensure you an accurate grading and fair pricing of your diamonds. Your broker has experience in bringing the right gems from the right sources to your transaction.

Remember, all diamond graders are not created equal. Contact us for more information about how Lady Blu Diamond Consultants can be here for you.

SELLING DIAMONDS? A Diamond Broker can be a most valuable asset when you decide to sell your diamonds. Lady Blu Consultants can assist in searching the best market opportunity to sell your assets. Loose stones or set stones, be sure you have a Diamond Broker working for you.


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